opens it’s Doors! is open and Seasons Greetings
11:36: Nightcrawler writes in to let us know that is officially open to the public:

“It’s time to bring the ROMhacking community back and take it to the next level! And that’s exactly what the latest innovative site on the block is going to do! We’ve got your document and utility archive and have expanded it to become bigger and better than ever before! We’ve merged all the content found on ‘The Whirlpool’ to have a full translations database. A hacks database is on the way in just a few more weeks as well. All databases are also fully searchable in virtually every way possible.

In addition to holding archives, the site is a one stop news source for all your ROMhacking related news! This site is all about putting the power into the community’s hands, so that means you can actually create the news update yourself! We plan to allow the public to also submit material to the database, edit the database, and more in the near future. There will be no waiting around for staff to do everything anymore!

More community features include a Help Wanted Ad section, getting started section aimed at even the newest person to the trade, a community database outlining who’s active in the community and what they’re doing, as well as continuous open development discussion on the messageboard. This site is run by a motivated staff that actually cares and listens to community feedback. Go voice your opinion and be listened to!

The ROMhacking community is not dead or dying as we’ve already proven in our community database of active contributers (and so far that only includes document, utility, and translation patch authors.) The people of the community are out there, and now we’re going to unite them. You don’t have to take my word for it, come on down to the site and see for yourself. The ROMhacking community is back!


You can check out the site right here Thanks to Nightcrawler for the news and Merry Kwanzaa.


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