Dragoon X Omega II

Dragoon X Omega II

Sliver-X and Thaddeus have recently released DXOII, the long-anticipated Final Fantasy 1 hack.

Sliver-X writes, “After three and a half years, the Final Fantasy hack Dragoon X Omega II is basically finished. By far, this is the most extensive ROM hack for any system, ever; it’s an entirely new game for the NES. All the graphics are new, as is the music, the levels, the dialogue; all but the bulk of thecore programming routines from FF are entirely redone. Storywise, this is a direct sequel to the Dragon Warrior hack Dragoon X Omega, so the settingis not in a fantasy world, but far in the future, where science has created things that to uswould seem like magic. If you’ve played the first, you’ll be familiar with the much darkeraspects of the story and graphics than you would expect from an NES RPG.We hope that all this work has created a game worth a little of your time: We surely had a lotof fun creating it for you.”The IPS patch is linked here. Alternatively, you can find the patch on our NES Hacks page. In addition, if you want to cop a quick visual feel for the game, check out the quick link to the screenshots page.

Thanks to Sliver-X, Thaddeus and the rest of the crew at Panicus for this release.
Goodbye forever.


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