Wii Launched!!!

Wii Launched!
Well we didn’t launch, but the Wii will November 19th. 2 days AFTER the PS3 is slated to be released [I’ll believe it when I see it] with a $250 price tag [which is about $50 more then I expected] I specs aren’t too shabby, will they beat a 360/PS3? oh no, plenty of power to run good game? yep.

I might add the specs here, but honestly, there’s about 50 billion gaming sites with the specs already posted no need to waste your time here.

The interesting question is will Nintendo hurt themselves by releasing the Wii 2 days after the PS3 launch? And what about the no DVD playback?

I don’t think the $250 really is a bad price point, and it’s more marketing then anything. If the Wii was released for $199.99, people would think it’s a toy and the perceived value of the console would drop in favor to the 360 or the PS3. If the price was too high, then people would think that it’s not worth the money. Nintendo REALLY could have hurt themselves by pricing the Wii to low.

However, here comes another marketing trend that’s getting annoying as hell for the consumer. Spending ~$300 on a game machine, and then needing to turn around and spend another ~$300 on add-on’s and Accessories. Nintendo is a perfect example of this marketing scheme. (I use Scheme, because that’s what it is. strategy just sounds better to most people) You buy a Wii for $250. Which includes one controller.. and no one wants to sit at home and play with their Wii by themselves. SO you need an extra controller. great! that’s going to set you back another ~$60 bucks and that’s JUST for the ‘nunchuck’ controller, nothing about the other standard Wii controller. OUCH! Hell the Wireless adapter for the Xbox 360 is $100. for a SMALL little wireless controller.

Launch Date:
SOMEONE at Nintendo was a genius for picking this date. think about it, with Sony 1/2ing the starting shipments of the PS3, causing limited quantities and will start a ‘panic’ attack in the Sony FanBoys. Because of this I predict the ~400,000 units will be sold almost instantanicly. So what’s a person to do, walking into a store looking to pick up the PS3, and there are none, but plenty of $250 Wii’s? You’re going to get a Wii.. and extra controllers, and more games for the same price as the PS3.

Another ‘problem’ that has been floating about is the whole ‘Innovation’ thing between Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. First off, There is NOTHING Innovative about the 360 or the PS3. They are the same tried and true more power console system. Whoopie-shit. the Graphics get better, the audio gets better, the processors get more powerful, the memory tacked on in the megabytes.. and the games are still shit.

The Wii really is the only thing that is ‘innovative’ this time around in the game wars and that gives Nintendo an edge in the market. Look at the E3 2006 coverage, granted Sony showed the same show two years in a row, but the Nintendo booth was hopping the whole week. There seems to be more talk and excitement about the Wii then with any of the other systems. Will the ‘Wiimote’ be weird to work with at first? yep, but then again, that’s why there’s the backwards compatibility with the gamecube controllers, and the new Wii console controllers.

DVD Playback:
I’m tossed on this one, some specs say the Wii DOES have DVD support whileothers state it doesn’t. I’m going to argue the point that it doesn’t have DVDplayback support. Why should it? You’ve got a PS1, PS2, Xbox, Xbox360, a computer AND most likely a DVD player, why in the hell would you needanother one, and why should Nintendo jack up the price on a feature yourlikely never to use?

I’m sure there will be more to come, remember I told you back in March, that you needed to watch out for Nintendo this round of combat. 😉

Until then, keep you head out of your ass
— The PogoWolf


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