Vanguard Beta – Day 3

Well, jumped 3 adventureing levels and many ‘crafting’ levels.

* Harvesting seems to be complcated just for the sake of being complcated.
* Major lack of a good strong tutorial for new players to get their hands around
the game.
* Can’t chop trees. =(
* No in game information about the combineing of resources.
* No clear reason as to why you 4 rag dolls with different times.
* No mini map to be able to find NPCs.
* No in depth information as to what your skills do. (no mouse overs)
* Slow game play (might have been server lag)
* Harvesting shouldn’t act like attacking.
* Annoying to switch to bar #10 for harvesting to switch back to #1 after one ‘attack’
(took be forever to figure that one out)
* Some game feed back needs to be on screen, not in the chat window
* Interface needs work.. at higher rez’s the compass doesn’t scale and it’s really hard to read.
even at 1024×768 the interface is huge.
* Graphic glitches with semi lower end graphics cards.
* Better ‘handleing’ of the trainers’ they are supposed to be your trainers.
yet you do nothing with them.
* Needs to be a better mapping system.
* Would like to see weapon anmation in 1st person mode.
* Need more hair styles in the character builder
* Remove the slider for color pickers.

Watch out for Piggin Butterball!!!!


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