Vanguard Beta – Day 2

7:00 AM
Woot!!! Patching complete.. but now I’ve got an error saying the patcher didn’t close correctly.. Hopefully I can do a ‘quick scan’ and still get in for a few moments before I need to go to work

7:28 AM
Ok, scan is complete, and the game loads!!! excitment kicks in. Vanguard is using the Unreal 2.5 engine, so I’m excited to see what they can do with it.

the load screen kicks in… hmmm.. ok, this is a little artisy, and I assume it’ll get changed before release.

Server screen:
the next screen that popped up asked me for the server (shard) I want to play on.. well since there’s only ONE to choose from I’ll select that. But this SO reminds me of Horizons. the terrain was gray for a moment before the textures loaded.

Character Select/Create:
Well since i needed to create a character I was treated to the character creation screen. Now THIS is how you make a character in an MMORPG. Looks like the devs have taken a page from the design docs from CoH, and allowed you what seems to be hundreds of ways to tweak your character. From the standard height, weight ratios to how pointy your chin is, or the slant of your eyes. You could spend hours in game just making characters. And Somone on the design team was a god damn genius, and allowed you to be able to SAVE your character as a template to be able to load back!! WOOT!!!!!

Ok, I created a ‘normal’ (thirigan?) human ranger. I figured the ranger was the best way to start since they can fight, have ranged weapons, and most likly some magic abilitys (drawing from my experaince in other MMO’s and RPG’s)

well at least they have bows, and swords.. not sure about the magic yet.

the world, totally reminds me of Horizons, from the textures, to the style of buildings. even the way the NPC’s look.

the interface? I wish they had taken that from Horizons as well, but nope. The interface is a total nod to WoW, with out all the benifits of the WoW interface.

Combat somehow feels a little disconnected. it’s possible there was a little lag, but the whole
game just seemed ‘slow’ to me. unlike the fast paced nature of WoW, or the giant’s walk speed of Horizons, Vanguard seems to be right about in the middle.

Points of thought:
+ (good thing) – (bad thing) ! idea
– 7-8 hours for patching sucks monkey (11.5 meg install to over 6 gig.. update the install file)

Server picker:
! pick a random world spot to show as you select your server
– sparse screen for this.

Character Creation
+ MANY options
– lose the sliders on color pickers. it’s annoying.
– Almost to many options, add a random feature
– Need more information on the characters vs classes.

– Slow framerates as the world is cached around you.
– Hard to see the ‘gold icon’ above your trainer
– Picked a ranger, why is my trainer a ‘light fighter’
Change the wording to match the class.
– ‘dumped’ way to quickly into the game.
suggestion: training begans with your trainer in your speific class.
one would think that you’ve been training as a class for a while before
you start ‘playing’ your character.
– game paceing seems to be a little slow also. WoW has a fast pace
and where as I know vanguard needs to be slower.. I think it’s a bit
TO slow.

– TOO WoW like. Take a look at the Horizons interface, which still has one of the
best MMO interfaces known to man. Really when did (I) for Inventory change
to (B) for bag?

– Character sheet too small. I would suggest a rag doll with the tabs.
and not the icon bed of placement spots.

– seems ‘disconnected’ somehow.
like you really arn’t the one fighting the MOB.


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