Sony PlayStation 3 predicted to win console war

Analyst believes flying start enjoyed by Xbox 360 not enough to beat PS3
Clement James, 18 Aug 2006Industry analysts believe that Sony’s long-delayed PlayStation 3 will still lead sales in North America, despite rivals Microsoft and Nintendo stealing a march on the market.
Sounds like the Yankee group doesn’t know their ass from a C:\ Prompt.
Here’s the highlights from the post:
* Microsoft offers the most competition by launching its Xbox 360 nearly 12 months before the PlayStation 3* Estimates that the PlayStation 3 will have sold about 30 million units by 2011

* Third-generation consoles reach market maturity in 2011

*sigh* I really hate it when bean counters try to sound like they know what the hell they are talking about.
Ok, First off with Microsoft:
I’ve stated it before, and I’ll state it again, MS needs to push the hell of Xbox Live to be able to corner Sony in that market. Before Sony has a chance to get it out of the gate. However, in the last YEAR, there has been 5 million Xbox 360’s shipped. IF that tend stays (which it won’t) MS would have shipped 25 million units by 2011.
and these guys expect to see the PS3 (which is LESS powerful, and MORE expensive) to sell 30 million units in 7 years? We aren’t all oil barons you morons.
and, hmm, tell me when has it ever taken 7 years for a gaming market to mature? Like never.
By 2011 will see the NEXT version of the Xbox, and most liky of the Wii.
and 16% to the Wii?? LOL!! Wow, these guys REALLY haven’t been watching the market. #rd party developers are jumping ship from the PS3 to the Wii, and the 360. and E3 2006 video showed more and more people interested in the Wii then in the PS3.
“With a growing installed base of connected consoles, content owners are beginning to recognise the potential video game consoles offer as a distribution channel. “
Hmm.. Duh? Ever heard of Steam? Or even about the Xbox LIVE? LOL CONSOLE owners have known for a LONG time of the potential of Internet connection consoles.. and PC owners are like.. what’s the big deal? we’ve been doing it for years.
“Additionally, these platforms will serve as a strong medium for advertising, validating the growing market for in-game and around-game advertising.”
THIS, my friends, is the whole reason they state that the PS3 will win this battle.
because its all about Advertising.
GAMES run the market. Not ads. people don’t CARE about the game tie-ins. Except for that we might be able to play a game (or more) for fee because we need to watch a ad, or see a can of coke in a game. whoopiepoopie
“Yankee Group also believes that fewer consoles will be sold this generation, primarily due to higher per-unit prices. “
Then HOW in the hell do you think the PS3 will sell 30 million units? LOL
Am I then only one that can see the trends?

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