I just don’t understand..

Why do people like not to think? Why must they be spoon-fed? (yes! I’m talking about you!)
I mean.. come off it people. You allow the government to make laws about what you can watch on TV, what you play as a video game, what music you can listen to. little bits of pieces of your freedom is being taken away, and you allow it.. WHY?!

God forbid that you saw a boobie on the superbowl last year. Would I want my kid to see it?
well no. But was there anything I could have done about it if they did? Well yes.. time for that birds and bee’s story I’ve been putting off. (You know the one.. Sex is bad.. painful.. You won’t like it.) It was a breast.. Whoopee-poop. Why the SUCH a big deal about it?

Then you’ve got these morons trying to push laws or suing publishers about video games.
again.. why is there such a big deal? I KNOW where the problem lies with that one, and it’s squarly on the PARENTS. It’s YOUR FAULT. Except it, and get over it. Stop hiding behind ‘the game made me do it’ the ‘game’ didn’t make you do anything.

This Ozzy song told me to go kill someone.. Noooo you dork, that would be the voices in your head, because you are a cluster. Courts should throw this crap out. and Just say ‘We’re sorry, you’re too stupid to create a law suit.’

I mean really, you get 18 billion dollars out of McDonalds because you’re coffee was hot.
Know WHY that got though the system? Because McDonalds was warned time and time again that there coffee was too hot. It took a law suit for them to change there ways. Now WHY couldn’t the court do anything about it time? Why did it take multiple people getting burned, and THEN a law suit for McDonalds to change their ways?

that’s what I’m asking you.. Questions.. There’s always questions…


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