Class action threatened as $100m GTA lawsuit looms – Class action threatened as $100m GTA lawsuit looms

I mean really..

Guns don’t make people violent.. PEOPLE make people violent

Why on earth would a person be stupid enough to think that if you jumped on

someone’s head that A coin will pop out of there ass?


It’s up to the parents.

And not just “OOOhhh.. That game/music/movie is rated ‘r’.. You can’t see it.”

Yeah right.. Friends house + Blockbuster and/or Internet takes care of that

problem if the kids want to see it.

Parents need to be PARENTS before they are really NEEDED to be parents.

Teach a kid that it’s a game.. And nothing more. Then you don’t have a

problem You have some one with an obvious mental handicap not being told no.. Then

you have a stupid law suit.

And you know what this is going to boil down to?

No more free-roaming ‘hard-core’ games like GTA.

No publisher will want to risk it.

All because of someones fucktarded kid…


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